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Wisconsin Craft Beer Challenge

Pick up your free punch card today and start working on trying all 32 of the Wisconsin craft beers that we carry.  Complete the challenge and receive a Wisconsin Beer Challenge t-shirt & Beer Glass!  Best of all, buckets of craft beers are only $15!!

Wisconsin craft beer challenge

Brewed in Sheboygan - 3 Sheeps Brewing Company

  • Really Cool Waterslides IPA—Floral, Citrusy, Yummy!
  • Baaad Boy Black Wheat Ale - Chocolatey, Roasty, Incredibly Smooth!

Brewed in Downtown Milwaukee - MKE Brewing Company

  • Booyah Apricot Saison — Barley malt and wheat create a smooth body and attribute a pleasant golden hue while the addition of malted rye and oats brings out a solid earthy flavor. No apricots were harmed in the making of this beer, Czech Saaz Hops help create fruity and spicy esters, such as apricot, clove, banana and anise. 
  • Outboard Cream Ale—This is a true American styled brew!   Paying tribute to the first practical outboard motor invented by Ole Evinrude in 1909.

Brewed in Baileys Harbor - Door County Brewing

door county brewing
  • Pastoral  - Brewed with locally grown two-row barley, this authentic Belgian farmhouse ale uses a blend of Belgian yeast strains to create a complex, earthy  and refreshing saison.

Brewed in Wisconsin Dells - Port Huron Brewing

  • Amber Alt - German style amber ale. Brewed with roasted and amber malts, along with German Hops, this malty ale has a clean finish with just the right amount of bitterness.

Brewed in Stevens Point - Ciderboys

  • First Press - A traditional hard apple cider

Brewed in La Crosse - Pearl Street Brewery

Pearl Street Brewery
  • Organic Rolled Oat Stout on Tap
  • Java Lava Coffee Stout — Our Rolled Oat Stout infused with Guatemalan coffee beans 
  • El Hefe - Unfiltered Bavarian-style wheat beer, best served with a lemon wedge
  • Downtown Brown - Brown Ale with a complex nutty flavor with roasted undertones
  • Pale Ale - Classic American ale with a well-defined hop flavor

Brewed in Chippewa Falls - Leinenkugel Brewing Company

  • Honey Weiss - Crisp, clean, perfectly balanced & best served with a lemon wedge
  • Sunset Wheat - Belgian-style witbier will give you notes of orange and blueberry, and a tart, citrusy finish 

Brewed in New Glarus - New Glarus Brewing Company

New Glarus
  • Moon Man - Pale Ale with aromatic hops & smooth malty notes, perfect with a hamburger.
  • Two Women - A Crisp & refreshing country style lager that goes great with our tenderloin tips.
  • Uff-Da  - A hearty and full-bodied Wisconsin Bock. Complex and smooth with deep chocolate and coffee undertones. 

Brewed in New Amherst - Central Waters

  • Mudpuppy Porter - Robust & refreshing with a chocolate nose & malty profile
  • HHG American Pale Ale - Has overwhelming citrus notes like pineapple, grapefruit and melon.

Brewed in Green Bay & Milwaukee  - Hinterland

  • Packerland Pilsner - European Pilsner  with German Noble hops, and Czech pils yeast combine to create what a pilsner should be: crisp, clean and classic. 
  • Cherry Wheat- An American wheat  beer that has a crisp, clean mouthfeel and is light in body. Notes of tart,  Montmorency cherry.

Brewed in Middleton - Capital Brewery

  • Wisconsin Amber - Moderately rich malty lager, slightly hoppy finish
  • Supper Club - Classic American Lager with an American malt profile
  • Winter Skal—A full bodied beer with a warm amber hue showing off its rich malt heritage

Brewed in Potosi - Potosi Brewing Co.

  • Cave Ale - Brewed as a hybrid of three English style brews
  • Snake Hollow - West Coast style IPA with a slight hint of grapefruit

Brewed in Black River Falls - Sand Creek Brewing Co.

  • Oscar's Chocolate Stout - Full bodied, smooth stout with a nutty finish
  • Bugler Brown Ale - An American Brown Ale brewed with American ingredients.

Brewed in Arena - Lake Louie Brewing

  • Golden Booty Cream Ale - Pre-prohibition ale using flaked corn for a creamy, full flavor
  • Kiss The Lips IPA - Old school IPA with a strong hop and citrus flavor
  • Warped Speed - Full-bodied, sweet, slightly hoppy reddish-brown ale

Brewed in Lake Mills - Tyranena 

Tyranena Brewing co
  • Bitter Woman IPA - Intensely bitter (hence the name) with a mighty hop flavor and aroma.
  • Rocky's Revenge - American brown ale with portions aged in oak barrels

Flippin' Fun Fact

In 2015 Flipside sold the 2nd most Coors Light on tap in the state of Wisconsin!  We fell short to the Milwaukee Brewers and Miller Park who sold the most in the state.

Coors light